Grant Proposal Resources

Often research sponsors require a description of the facilities and resources that an applicant has available at their institution to support their proposed projects.  More specifically, the National Institutes of Health has a section in their grant application package (the SF 424) called “Facilities and Other Resources.”  To assist HHRI and HCMC investigators in developing this section of their grant proposals, below are templates for descriptions of several of the HHRI’s and HCMC’s facilities where research is being conducted.  Please note that these templates are intended to be the starting point for this section of a proposal.  In order for grant proposals to be compelling to reviewers, all sections should be tailored to address the aims of the specific project seeking funding.

Berman Center for Outcomes and Clinical Research

Chronic Disease Research Group (CDRG)

Emergency Department

HCMC General

HHRI General

HHRI Laboratory Medicine

Positive Care Center HIV Programs

Preclinical Toxicology


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